TradePort Expands in Somersworth


Somersworth, NH — Consumer electronics online retailer, TradePort, is expanding its presence in Somersworth from 6,000sq ft. to over 10,000sq ft., for greater throughput and efficiency as part of their Lean manufacturing process. The expansion provides TradePort with the ability to deliver exceptional customer experience, while supporting the strong projected growth rate.

"TradePort's expansion is the result of increased product supply, fueled by consumer demand," said Sam Biddle, TradePort's Vice President, "With the help of NHMEP, TradePort has adopted Lean principles and a Quality Management System providing a platform to double our growth in the next two years."

After nearly eight years in Somersworth, TradePort is expanding to accommodate the rising demand by consumers for discounted consumer electronics. Located in a historic mill building, TradePort is expanding by 40% and adding new energy efficient lighting. The new telephone system will shorten customer hold times increasing the efficiency of TradePort's technical support team. TradePort is building a new reception area allowing local customers to pick-up their online purchases in person. The shipping department will experience the biggest increase, as it will expand to allow TradePort to efficiently move more products out of the warehouse and into the homes of customers nationwide. The new construction will add more technician workstations providing space for future hiring.

"NHMEP has been working with TradePort over the past year to understand their workflow, eliminate waste, and increase manufacturing throughput," said Christopher Tsakiris, Project Manager. "After the principals of Lean training, work flow analysis, and kaizen events we provided a better way for TradePort to deliver more products to customers faster. For the expansion, we employed a Systematic Plant Layout process to develop a detailed floor plan that completely redesigned their warehouse. The results included reducing non-value added wasted travel, co-location of product and material stores with work centers, and accommodating space for future growth of the enterprise."

TradePort's projected completion date is June 15, 2012.

About TradePort:
For a decade, TradePort has offered an outsourcing service for asset recovery, third-party logistics, and reverse logistics for consumer electronics. Our New England warehouse and headquarters offers reverse logistics, consumer electronics test and repair, manufacturer warranty negotiation, Internet marketing and resale.

We have established our own quality standard for preparing merchandise for resale called TradePort's Product Evaluation Process (PEP). Our expertise lies in consumer electronics asset recovery, reverse logistics, merchandising and marketing. Our trade-in and recycle program delivers value to your customers by providing sustainable options while being environmentally responsible. TradePort is ISO 9001 : 2008 certified. For more information visit: www.tradeportusa.com

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